James Arthur KINTER (Junior)

  • BIRTH: 11 OCT 1967, Wilkensburg,PA Columbia Hospital
  • CHRISTENING: 29 OCT 1967, Turtle Creek,Pa


Family 1: Rebecca Jane POLLARD
  • MARRIAGE: 19 SEP 1995,
  1. Kyle James KINTER


OK OK :-) Ya Found me.
Now a litle about myself (since you found this, you MUST be wondering about me...lol)
Born Oct. 11 1967 just east of Pittsburgh PA.
Lived in small towns east of Pitt; Turtle Creek (2 places) then out to Monroeville, then further east to McCullough (between Claridge and Harrison City).
Then, in 1985, halfway through my Senior year at Penn-Trafford, we moved (luckily) to a small New England town called Nashua NH.
10 days after graduating from Nashua HS, I found myself at Lackland AFB in San Antonio (Basic Training).
6 weeks in the heat there (June 25 - Aug 8) and I SWORE I would NEVER visit Texas again. Im "lol"ing and you'll soon find out why :-)
Off to Denver to tech school, and I find out what I will be working on. ARCHAIC computers.
Somehow I got myself kicked out (General Disch.) in April of '86 (at the dumb age of 18), and went home to NH.
Soon landed many contract jobs, with Apollo Computers in NH, MassComp in Mass. even ran metal-working machines like a punchpress, etc.
Then I decided to change my career and worked for a Manufactured Homes company as an electrical apprentice.
When they got bought by a company from MD who decided to screw everyone around,I split that place and got on with an electrical contractor.
(if you ever visit the Home Depot in South Nashua, you are standing 20 feet above where the plant was... they filled in the valley with dirt and put HD on top :-) )
Went through schooling and everything to work for my license, when BAM, the New England economy flushed itself down the terlit.
Sis and Bro-in-law was movin to Austin (they had friends, etc), so I packed up and went with them.
Turns out the Texas heat isnt so bad in Austin as it had been in San Antone.
I have been here since Nov 1990. Bought the land and 1st house (yes... Manufactured housing... SO WHAT!?!?! lol) in 92.
About the same time, Rebecca moved down from NH. 3 years later, here comes Mr. Kyle. :-O
But before Mr. Kyle fully arrived, we traded that POS house on a new doublewide. Same one Im sitting in right now.
Turns out sis and Bro-in-law didnt like the TX weather and had moved back to PA some years ago, while mom and dad had followed us down about a year after we got here.
May of 2002, the lil woman and I parted company, and since she worked nights, the kiddo stays here most of the time.
His mom only lives down the road a bit, so he still gets to see her (and I have to suffer as well too ...
(dont we all just talk LOVELY about our "ex's" :-) )
My career has taken some turns. Was an electrician here in Austin for almost a year. Too hot here for me to do that :-)
So I got back into electronics, works for a board house, then got on with a touchscreen maker.
When they merged with a electroluminescent lighting company a year later, they asked me to be the maintenance/facility person.
A few years of that and I transferred over to the computer terminal department and became PC Systems Manager.
After dealing with that stuff for over a year, I decided to be a dolt and hit a dot-com as a SysAdmin.
Well, we all know how that scenario went (they are still online and I help out part-time still).
So then things were a bit rough. I did manage a contract job at the BIG computer company in Austin (HQ in Round Rock...).
That was testing brand new laptop harddrives just out of the factory. Yeah, that was fun.
Now, since July 3rd, 1997 (the boss at the computer terminal company let us off half-day), the big thing in my life (next to my son)
has been my very own company, Leander Computing.
Doing PC Service and networking and helping the PC Challenged to understand these beasts.
In fact, the server your browser pulled this page from is MINE MINE ALL MINE :-) (one of 2 linux servers)
Ive been having fun the last few months, regaining my bachelor-ness (ok, the house aint as clean as it used to be...lol)
Wanna read about my "zoo"? Too bad, you have to anyways :P
Back when we had moved out tot eh property, we got delivered a chow/blue-heeler sheppard named Bear.
Sweetest pup you will ever meet !!
Yeah, in the beginning he chewed things he shouldnt have, pooped where he shouldnt have, but he grew into a BEAUTIFUL dog and a great companion.
Dec 1 2001, cancer got the best of him and we let him rest. RIP old friend
A couple months later, since the lil woman at the time was working at a shelter in town, she saw they had a chow/blue heeler in and had me come up to see.
The dog looked NOTHING like Bear, but there was these two CUTE little puppies, a brother and sister.
I had always felt a little bad that Bear never had a friend at home (Sally was his girlfriend though, down at moms :-) )
So we ended up getting both of them. J.R. and Cleo (like Clifford the big red dog's friend? :-) )
Oh yeah, and while she worked at the shelter, she somehow wangled 3 felines into the house.
I had never wanted a cat in the house, but we ended up with 3.
Flash (orange/white tabby), then Windy (Snowshoe), and finally Daniel (white DSH).
The fun comes when Windy takes off after Dan. She never has liked him since day-one :-)
They get along with the dogs great for the most part. Windy is the one who will go and roll on their blankets when they go outside...lol Crazy Cat